Off Worlds, Louise Amelie, Aljaž Fuis
Concept, Book Design, 2021
Verlag Kettler

Whether in the California mountains or on the rooftops of New York — in all parts of the United States there is an overwhelming peripheral feeling of isolation, rooted in the vastness of the country, manifesting itself in the absence of society. “Periphery” here does not necessarily describe a spatial separation from society, but also a systemic or experiential dissociation from the world. This kind of life, free from directives, is expressed through independence, pride, and freedom. In the context of isolation, they are transformed into self-determination. The book Off Worlds captures this topic through the lense of Louise Amelie & Aljaž Fuis.

The photobook won "Best Photobook" at Belfast Photo Festival and made it to the Shortlists of "Die schönsten Deutschen Bücher" and "Deutscher Fotobuchpreis".