Nichts geht verloren in der Welt
Concept and Design, 2021
Hardcover, 14 × 20.5 cm, 432 pp.

Nothingness is in the world, in the universe, and in the smallest objects and particles.

This book is the result of a search for nothingness. The structure is similar to that of the first edition of Michael Ende's "The Neverending Story" from page 1 to 428. In order to trace the figure of "nothing" in the story, most of the text has been removed. What remains are those text fragments, in their original position, that tell of the "nothing" in Phantásia.

In addition, there is a second, pictorial level, which is the result of a pictorial search for negations* and nothings in our world. The paths of the text and image levels - Phantásia and the human world - will cross again and again in the course of the book. Sunken islands meet extinct species, obsolete technologies meet alien galaxies. What is nothingness? Abstraction, contradiction, exclusion, enigma [...].

*"Negatednesses" form a type of realities which include non-being in their being: Absence, distance, change, prohibition, dispersion, otherness, rejection, question, regret [...].
These "figures" of the "inner-worldly nothing", dispersed into the being of the world, appear everywhere, not as an accidental thing, but as necessary existential conditions for the ordering and factual context of the world.
(Jean-Paul Sartre, Being and Nothingness)

Project supervision
Prof. Fons Hickmann
Florian Lamm

Scientific supervision
Prof. Dr. Susanne Hauser